At work, I use a Logitech LX5 laser mouse and keyboard. They are functional and ergonomic- all I could really ask for. If it had been up to me, I would gone with a corded keyboard + mouse.

Why use corded when it looks so much cooler to have a wire-free desktop?
Because I hate replacing batteries: it's inefficient, expensive, and not in line with that one popular movement going on.

The mouse uses 2x AA batteries. One day, there was a pop-up that "my batteries are critical" and to replace them. As an experiment, I waited it out to see how long it would take for total battery death. It took 4 WEEKS. WTF, Logitech?

Why not alert the user at 5% of batter life?

It took ~3 months of constant Mon-Fri usage to get to this point. I wonder how many batteries are prematurely replaced when there's still life in them (this is a great solution to that problem). So at about 25% battery life, Logitech's driver kicks in to alert the user it's time!

Are batteries more likely to leak when they are completely drained?

I just did a quick Google search and the answer is... yes! Apparently, using the battery gradually wears out the metal in it- eventually causing the internal chemical reaction to leak out (i.e. leakage in flashlights). Even though if an user disposed of batteries at 25% life to prevent leakage, it only delays the process. I don't know what happens to batteries when they are "properly disposed of" but I bet that most people just throw away their batteries in the trashcan.

Conclusion: Avoid disposable batteries. Utilize alternative and more efficient methods of obtaining power for devices. I have never talked about batteries to this degree...


  1. kara said...
    This post makes me smile...a very interesting analysis of batteries. It reminds me a little of how our printers force us to replace ink cartridges at a certain point, but really how much ink is still inside?
    jon. said...
    YES!! I remember Roger buying new printers because replacing ink would have been more expensive! I think he had ~3 printers sitting around...

    I am now admitting to the love and hate relationship with my Epson.

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