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24mi hike / 4 days.

_Here's the itinerary for those who would like to do it:
* DAY 1-The Descent: Arduous hike at South Rim on the Hermit Trail (Day 1) @ ~7mi with an elevation drop of 3,650'. Camp at Hermit Creek (plenty of water here and a swimming hole).
* DAY 2-Super cool campsite: Easy hike across to Monument Creek (ample water here) @ 4mi.
* DAY 3-Watch out for radioactive water here: Arduous hike across to Horn Creek (No water here, stock up on water the previous night) @ 8mi.
* DAY 4-The Ascent: Arduous Hike out of the Canyon at Bright Angel Trail @ 7.1mi with an elevation gain of ~3,000'. Avoid doing this in the sun at all cost! Water refuel every 1.5mi.

* Mac&Cheese still is awesome while backpacking.
* 3L capcity of water is just right (although not enough for being lost/stranded).
* React faster next time I step next to a rattlesnake. (nothing bad happened, whew)
* Great idea to not bring a tent, horrible idea to bring a 15deg sleeping bag.
* Train more to handle the descent/ascent.

We shrink to a tiny proportion in comparison to the landscape here. Obvious, yes I know.

Monument Creek, my favorite campsite of the trip. Super secluded.

Peter, the Pointman

Always on the lookout for shade while guarding our food supply from aggressive critters.

Designing, Fabricating, Prototyping, Testing...


My man, Erik.

Food has a constant presence here...

Everyone in R&D has a nerf gun ready on his/her desk... Yo Joe!

Grateful to have experienced a corporate culture genuinely in tune with the design process. Plus a super awesome team I got to cycle with (Thanks Joel & Pawel) and to shoot nerf guns at. I'm going to miss it here.

Going off the grid for a few days... see you in a few.

Aviation- one of the reasons why I got into design.

To make up for the lack of blogging, here are some pics...