So Courtney and I are teaching design in front of the barn... the kids are designing some sort of new waterproof mobile phone. Suddenly, one of the girls shrieks in a way that you immediately know something is horribly wrong. I turn around and try to read her face and see Courtney's face has the same expression.
Behold Pearl! He apparently was shot by a hunter the PREVIOUS night and survived the entire night. Pearl dragged his barely hanging leg (after climbing down a ladder) across from where Courts and I were teaching- in front of Gabi, one fo the girls who he belongs to. Life on a farm.
*Just the year before, Pearl survived a packed car running her over and crushing all her internals- on the same side where he lost his leg...

This is Lido, Marianka's 1.5 year old daughter. She is the most independent baby I've ever seen. She talks a mean game and does everything (almost) by herself. Lido stares you down and says "salma" ("by myself" in Czech) anytime you try to help her with anything- like not letting me take away the pictured butter knife away from her.
Game face. See July 2nd post for another great picture of Lido eating.

Martin, the 6 y.o. Czech local. It was his first time away from home so he cried often. Court and I took him under our wing plus drawing tanks for him really turned him around. Although we could not speak to each other due to the language barrier, we had no problem communicating. Too bad since he apparently shared my passion for WWII. Ended up being the sweetest kid. Oh yeah, and has a thing for Hitler. C. thinks she and I are safe since I will be designing tanks for him during his future reign.
8 mile, son.

Showing Kuba how to do infographics for design sketching. (pic: Courtney)

The kids painted on a huge mural. They switched spots everytime the music stopped playing (Rihanna's "Please don't stop the music").

The lake in front of the Mill (where I'm staying).
It's everywhere.
The view from the schoolhouse (where the kids sleep).

Horazdovice train station.

This naked thing follows Court and I everywhere. Spooky.

Words of wisdom from the Lennon Wall.
For those that know this bar- my favorite spot in Prague. Courtney marking the beginning of PHLA!

Maruska (no idea how to spell her name) is a terribly good cook. This is the bday cake she baked from scratch. She cooks every lunch- traditional Czech meals (a whole lotta potatoes).

D&N explaining the adoption process for a lesbian couple

Moravian wine that you can refill locally (by even just bringing large water bottles). Cali needs to catch up.

Summer camp arts & crafts

Night time at the schoolhouse with the kids. Courtney and I have learned that the trick is to play basketball (or some chaotic version of it, which most likely means throwing the ball at everyone) for at least 2 hours with them to wear them out. Otherwise, you have a rowdy bunch that stay up for hours testing your policy on lights out.
The best way to end the night, especially those that know Bekerovka and Gambrinus. It's simple, really- talk, refuel the fire, and choose from Moravian wine or Gambrinus from the cellar. My introduction to Silvovisa, the plum alcohol that "cures" everything. (pic:Courtney)

ArtMill, Czech Republic

Fresh picked salad from the garden I've learned the best way to keep a baby clean while eating is to hose her down after the meal. Best (parental) idea ever.

On the way.
The window down makes the biggest difference.