Left French Switzerland and headed for German Switzerland with Quebec. Bit the bullet and bought a ticket for Zurich.
Spy school training kicked in, sneak into Zurich university to use their internet and cafeteria. Use other hostel kitchens to cook food. Find random places to sleep.


So when using other hostel's kitchens, you tend to meet other travelers. The World Crew (Copenhagen, Ze German Rapper, Tel Aviv, Portland, Denver, Scottland, New York, Canada, Quebec)

Water from the Swiss Alps? I hope so, I drank alot of the water that came from these fountains to save money.

He was standing in the cold water to cool down- had to take a pic.

So while I'm sitting outside of the hostel and enjoying a backpacker's salami and cheese sandwich, I am forced to interrupt a near-by conversation between London Ed and Quebec Louise (both pictured above) when London Ed talks about how ugly LA is. Whether or not its true (shhh..), I flipped over my table and said I rep Cali and threw four fingers up, two twisted in the middle. Anyway, we ended up all cruising around Bern looking for a spot to swim and drank "all natural" Swiss beer. Swam in a river that had the current of furious beast and am eternally grateful there was a rock to grab onto.

So after leaving Genevé, I board the train and am ready to sketch. When the ticket man comes by, I quietly realize I no longer have my EuroRail pass (which means I dont have the funds to buy train tickets for my original itinerary)! After getting tired of waiting for me to find my pass, he tells me that he'll just come back and check later. Its a strange yet appropriate feeling when things feel like it stops but you're still traveling at 300km/h. The view while all the drama went down. Ninja tactics switch on and I sneak off at the next stop, some small town called Bern, to avoid paying for a first class train ticket. Found a youth hostel to sort it all out.

Travel companions when backpacking solo.


Where it all goes down.

The Red Cross Museum is directly across the street.


Chilled with 2 Aussies, a kiwi mountain climber (pictured above), and a Canadian, who were all traveling solo as well, and it just happened to be the Swiss Nat'l Holiday (lasts an entire week) Too many stories to tell- just ask.

Saw this after stepping off the train from London. Alas, Morocco didn't happen, Tye and Annis... next time.

Apparently my high-school level French did not pull its weight in this city. Or speak more arrogantly next time. There's a joke somewhere in there, Alix.

Alistair, the Aussie hostel roommate, and I navigating the metro after a pub crawl. The plan: get as drunk as possible and pass out as soon as we got back in, you have no idea how loud one of our roommates snored.

Congrats to Tye gradutating from SOAS! My first time seeing him since being boarding school roommates 8 years ago. Big ups to his acceptance into Columbia for masters in international human rights.
Many convos later, we realized we started off at the same spot even after an 8 year hiatus. Although in different fields, crazy to see how our paths are crossing for humanitarian relief efforts. Up and coming collabo fo'sho...
Thankfully, a great cook he is. 10 bucks for a McD meal didnt cut it, yo.
Tye and his gf Annis, the 2 best London hosts, minus a pic with bumbumtrain Morgan!

The newest creation... stay tuned.