Inspired and motivated by WANKEN. Beautiful design: I appreciate his level of presentation and the way he documented his process. Using only the photography he shot was another aspect of dedication that makes his project really stand apart.

I'm still conceptualizing on how to transition this blog into a design blog- please bear with me as I figure this out! I have not moved on to the physical format of my portfolio but this is the latest iteration of my 2nd version of my teaser portfolio that I'll be emailing out in search of an industrial design staff position.

The Objective:

1_To entice employers with a glimpse of my teaser portfolio
2_Get contacted from a design firm that they want to setup an interview
3_Show the entire portfolio at this point and verbally walk them through it


There are so many ways to do a portfolio. I only have 5-10 seconds to kick down the door and grab their attention without being able to talk to them (imagine having to browse through 200+ of these in order to fill a position-- I once heard 75% are absolute crap, 20% are decent, and 5% are drop dead showstoppers). Some stiff obstacles but I love the challenge.

My strategy was to concisely showcase my process of how I reach a solution. There are 3 projects in here and each one is meant to show a different skill. At the moment, even though it took tons of editing to boil it down to what it is now, it still needs to be even more concise. I'm still figuring out how to do that. There's also a last page that I'm currently designing that will visually communicate more of me as a person that an employer can't get from looking at a portfolio and resume. WHEW!


  1. Anonymous said...
    a lot of those sketches look familiar! you're very talented and have come a long way from drawing clowns in the 9th grade. :)-your pcs amigo
    Shelby White said...
    Wow Jon these sketches are great!

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