24mi hike / 4 days.

_Here's the itinerary for those who would like to do it:
* DAY 1-The Descent: Arduous hike at South Rim on the Hermit Trail (Day 1) @ ~7mi with an elevation drop of 3,650'. Camp at Hermit Creek (plenty of water here and a swimming hole).
* DAY 2-Super cool campsite: Easy hike across to Monument Creek (ample water here) @ 4mi.
* DAY 3-Watch out for radioactive water here: Arduous hike across to Horn Creek (No water here, stock up on water the previous night) @ 8mi.
* DAY 4-The Ascent: Arduous Hike out of the Canyon at Bright Angel Trail @ 7.1mi with an elevation gain of ~3,000'. Avoid doing this in the sun at all cost! Water refuel every 1.5mi.

* Mac&Cheese still is awesome while backpacking.
* 3L capcity of water is just right (although not enough for being lost/stranded).
* React faster next time I step next to a rattlesnake. (nothing bad happened, whew)
* Great idea to not bring a tent, horrible idea to bring a 15deg sleeping bag.
* Train more to handle the descent/ascent.

We shrink to a tiny proportion in comparison to the landscape here. Obvious, yes I know.

Monument Creek, my favorite campsite of the trip. Super secluded.

Peter, the Pointman

Always on the lookout for shade while guarding our food supply from aggressive critters.


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