Finally got to visit CES this year. Total sensory overload. TV's EVERYWHERE! Intel & Microsoft were my favorite mega-booths.

Theme of this year seemed to be the big push for 3D TV's. I'm curious how the masses will respond for 2 reasons: a) expensive b) requiring users to wear 3D glasses. Plus, how will media be presented- on it's own 3D TV channel? Audiences can't view the same content w/o the glasses. Should be interesting to see.

All the blue ambiance was befitting for technology- cool and cutting edge. As a way for a company to differentiate itself, I wonder how having an overall red or purple glow would have been perceived. The booth would have definitely stood apart. Although red = red light district connotations? Might be creepy, too. Scratch that thought.

Pictures don't do this justice. Those cubes were constantly moving throughout the screen like a steady wave, undulating up and down. Each cube represented news that was being streamed live to this screen. Touch one of the cubes and the picture and highlight of that news would pop up.

Beautiful attention to detail by 5AXIS

Amazing sculptural form. Refreshing to see non-brick aesthetics.


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