After Jess went back to Long Beach and the rest of her family to London/Australia, I got to relive backpacking solo mode- but this time on the Greek islands! Although only for a couple of days, this was a big deal for me since I didn't get to go backpacking this summer. Off season just started on the islands so they were all winding down for winter.

Must return when I(we) have more time.

Waiting for the ferry to dock (and then get bombarded by locals trying to win your business for their hostel).

My quiet hostel on Ios.

I want to trade shoes with this guy.

Backpacking life is good for my health.

You'd expect pictures of the Greek beaches but at this point, I stopped taking pictures and just became a beach bum.

Greece (reflections):

_only need 1-2 days for Athens
_enjoy 95% of your trip on the islands
_taxis are really cheap
_rent a quad or scooter for 20 euros and explore the island you're on
_eat more Greek food

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  1. Mike said...
    Totally agree with those reflections. When I went with Ray we rented scooters and it was the BEST!

    So glad you've been updating :)

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